Last updated: Feb 24, 2011


8:30 Light breakfast

9:00 Diana 2 Workshop Marco Vignati Workshop
10:00 Coffee

10:15 Diana 2 Workshop Marco Vignati Workshop
10:00 Parallel session: Integration meeting Richard Kadel Business
12:00 Lunch

Chair: Karsten (Secretary: Larissa)

13:00 Welcome remarks from Nuclear Science Division James Symons
13:05 Spokesman Update Ettore + Stuart
13:15 CUORE-0 status and prospects Marisa Pedretti CUORE-0
13:45 CUORE-0 cryostat and cabling test Paolo Gorla CUORE-0
14:00 Examination and Size measurements of the 34C NTDs Tom Banks CUORE-0
14:10 Assembly Line Status Valerio Pettinacci CUORE-0
14:20 Crystal Production Rick + Ioan CUORE
14:40 Considerations on the choice of the NTD thermistors for CUORE Andrea Giuliani CUORE
15:00 Coffee

Chair: Huang (Secretary: Brian Z)

15:15 Tower positioning device Richard Kadel CUORE
15:30 CUORE hut status Chiara Zara CUORE
15:40 CUORE cryostat status Elena Ferri CUORE
15:55 Status of the detector calibration system Daniel Lenz CUORE
16:15 Suspension status Andrea Bersani CUORE
16:30 Technical Coordinator summary Oliviero Cremonesi CUORE
16:50 Executive Board Meeting
20:00 Collaboration Dinner

8:30 Light breakfast

Chair: Stuart (Secretary: Laura)

9:00 Collaboration Council Meeting Council Business
10:30 Coffee

Chair: Frank (Secretary: Seth)

10:45 Collaboration Council Meeting Council Business
12:00 Lunch

Chair: Banks (Secretary: Adam)

13:15 Supernova neutrinos with CUORE Matteo Other research goals
13:30 Searching for solar axions with the coherent Primakoff
Frank Avignone Other research goals
14:00 CUORE Sensitivity Paper Update Larissa Ejzak Papers
14:10 Final numbers for the CUORICINO excited states analysis Carlos + Sergio Papers
14:25 Coffee

Chair: Richard (Secretary: Daniel)

15:00 Integration Meeting Richard Kadel Business


8:30 Light breakfast

Chair: Rick (Secretary: Barbara)

9:00 Electronics Gianluigi Pessina Computing, Electronics
9:10 CUORE electronics test Xiaohua Liu Computing, Electronics
9:20 Software Status Marco Vignati Computing, Electronics
9:30 CORC Thomas Bloxham Computing, Electronics
9:45 Electron Decay Cecilia Maiano CUORICINO
10:00 Coffee

Chair: Yury (Secretary: Jonathan)

10:30 CCVR6 results Barbara Wang Physics and Data Analysis
10:45 CCVR global analysis — background studies Lucia Canonica Physics and Data Analysis
11:00 Data vetting and official numbers Larissa Ejzak Physics and Data Analysis
11:20 Discussions
Physics and Data Analysis

16:20 Alcatraz Tour

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