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Meeting dec 6 2012


  • Fridge status
  • Plans for next cool down
  • Update on Po210 source --Tommy
  • A tool to help with stabilization --Tommy
  • AOB

Fridge status

  • Warming up, pressure problem still not resolved
  • Jon plans some debugging of sensor

Plans for next cool down

A stabilization tool - slides attached below

Po210 source update

  • Raul found source for ~$100 but the company does not recommend we use it for our application, the bearbuy order is now cancelled
  • Isotope Products offers sources compatible with vacuum and low temp applications, I talked to Natalie Kasate (, 404-352-8677) , 100nCi 210Po or 241Am sources go for $1380 and have ~6 week lead time. Given the cost maybe longevity of 241Am is better if we don't care about having a monoenergetic alpha peak, but we would need to get the RUA amended to add Am241
  • Company webpage with catalog is here:, see sources on page 37/38 and 67. Sources on page 67 are no longer offered with 210Po but Natalie says sources on page 37/38 are also compatible with vacuum/cryo work 
Thomas O'Donnell,
Dec 6, 2012, 1:54 PM